Gabriele, his girlfriend Lea and his best friend Tomas, decide to leave and take a surreal and courageous journey from Rome to Bordeaux to experience the flight in the absence of gravity. During the journey they got into an accident that changes everything. Today, Gabriele is a twenty-eight guy. The accident forced him into a long coma, and, later, a long rehabilitation process. It was an experience that changed his life forever. He lost the use of his speech and part of his body is paralysed. Even Tomas and Lea will have to face up the different consequences of the accident and, despite their efforts, they'll realize that returning to a normal life is now impossible. 

The story of a broken journey, filled with discoveries, challenges and harsh realities.




A joint-effort script

Luciano and I began writing the story with Gabriele and Philip. We were aiming for a vibrant and provocatory narration that would overthrow the way that disability and pain are usually approached. One thing was very clear from the first moment: it was to be a voyage that had to be made along with others, starting from those who experience this life first hand, and trying to involve as many people as possible. Also in our work group, whoever got involved chose to join in a common path and a collective itinerary which stimulates and embraces all. This is the spirit with which we brought the project forward, turning it into a group effort, a cultural and social itinerary also capable of bringing on board ideas coming from outside. 


“The path which brought to the development of this project, took place at “Casa Dago” which is a post-comatose patient's family assisted rehabilitation clinic, and also in the Santa Lucia Institute, both at the forefront in rehabilitation for years. The aim was to make an audiovisual account of the daily life of the patients, as they took part in their rehab process with the assistance of their family and qualified personnel. The meetings and multiple experiences gathered in these two places, allowed me to observe the patients during one of their most delicate and difficult phases, the one in which they acquire skills which are 

useful for constructing a new life that will gradually allow them back into society, a very different and distant society from what they were used to. As I got to know the younger patients, I realised that there's a very strong element of continuity between the existence prior to the coma, and the one immediately after. It's a continuity made up of dreams, desires, hopes, wishes, those which belong to the younger, feistier, rebellious kind. In the case of Gabriele and Philip, the illness unleashed a very precise reaction, aimed at preserving one's own identity. I looked for their thoughts,

I accompanied them during their day,  


I interviewed their family members and gradually found myself in possession of a precious collage of feelings and experiences which could make up an intimate, profound and never seen before first hand account. By documenting and capturing Gabriele and Philip's fragments of life, I understood how much speech can limit you, I moved on to a separate canvas, and began to consider developing their experience through a new project of a documentary, including Gabriele himself into the writing process. Together, we began piecing together stories, scenes, images; relying on his dreams and his wishes. Later, we focused on the people that would have accompanied them,

the friends, the family, their relationships. This is also

the reason why we chose the real Gabriele to interpret himself, and surround him with a group of young kids with or without his same problems, seemed like the only solution to tell this story in the best of ways.

His is the story of a young man who wants his life back, as it used to be.

Our film expresses the dreams of Gabriele and Philip, which depicts the multicoloured contrasts of a world we know very little of, always remaining faithful to the minds of two boys who ask nothing more than to live their lives, not be judged, and to be understood thanks to their story”.


Andrea Rusich.

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