Andrea Rusich is a director, screenwriter and independent producer. Two of his projects as a writer have been recognized as "Of cultural interest" by the Italian Ministry of Fine Arts: the feature film "L'estremo", Loups Garoux productions and "House Movie" for Jean Vigo Italia productions. He's the author of the promo ad "Io Vedo Che" for the CGIL Trade Union. He has also collaborated to the script of the play "Il Pigiama" for MV pictures with Francesco Montanari. He's the Art Director of the Monteverde Pasolini Prize, an award dedicated to the Arts, Culture and Social commitment, of which he directed all the three editions. He has directed and produced: "Glorioso, il baseball", "Una notte aPrimavalle", "CUT" "Il Borgo di Dio", "PrimaOra", "Il Sindaco Petroselli".


Luciano Miconi - SCREENPLAY

Since 2008, Miconi has been working as an assistant to children with disabilities and autism in the school bus service in the 11th district in Rome. Since 2010 he's been collaborating with the "Poeti der Trullo" group: seven poets who write poems and stories in Roman dialect and Italian, which has now reached over 150,000 contacts on various social networks. In 2015, he founded the cultural association Metroromantici of which he's the chairman. He's one of the organizers of the third International Street Poetry Festival which took place in the Trullo district in October 2015. In July 2015 he contributed to the publication of the book Metroromantici, a completely self-produced and self-distributed effort, which has currently sold over 5.000 copies. He has a great passion for literature and cinema, and "Blue Lips" is his first attempt at writing a screenplay.



Gabriele was born on October 9, 1989 and the accident that changed his life forever took place on April 26, 2008. Up until that day he'd been a rebellious and defiant teenager, he was a negligent and unmanageable student and in every day life he often let himself go to those typical straying moments belonging to a restless adolescent. He says of himself: "Now I feel quite changed, I think that experience served me well, I'm definitely not the same as I was before, but perhaps unconsciously I'm still a little like that... Let me explain: when I'm walking, for example, I'm often not very careful, I walk very fast and as a matter of fact, most of the time I end up on the ground. I do the same thing in the shower, sometimes I don't support myself, I risk falling and causing serious damage to myself... Of course my physical condition prevents me from doing so many things, which I used to and can't do any more... Sometimes this state depresses me, but it has also matured me... Now I have full knowledge of what the word "suffering" really means".



Philip was born in Mannheim, Germany, on November 11, 1992, to an Italian mother and a German father. In 1995 he moved to Modica, Sicily, where his father unfortunately died in a car accident. He lived a happy childhood thanks to a fond relationship with his mother, brother and sister, who were all joined in 1999 by Nino, their mother's partner, who has become a loving and caring father to them. After Philip's degree, he moved to Berlin, which had always been his great dream, spending his year of national service working in a youth hostel. During this period he was hit by a stroke that forced him to undergo a long period of rehabilitation. Today Philip shares an apartment with his roommate and should soon start working.


Roberto Orazi - 1st AD

Roberto Orazi begins his career as 1st AD in 1989, going on to work as 1st AD both in cinema and TV. "Venditori", his first film, is a 15 minute short,

produced in 2000, which is accepted at a number of festivals, both Italian and international.

He later produces AIGARMANA!! - FABBRICANTI DI PASSIONI – H.O.T. Human Organ Traffic - A MAO E A LUVA: Story of a Book Smuggler.



Cultural officer, who after years of being active in international distribution, began dedicating himself to developing new patterns of production and independent distribution. A leading figure in the promotion of inclusive paths for disabled people, he has created among other things, access for people with sensory disabilities at the RomaFictionFest 2009 and 2010 and has been an official partner at the Rome Film Festival for the same service from 2010 to 2013. In 2014 he became the first in Italy, to organize screenings accessible for people suffering from autism. He has created, along with the late Gil Rossellini, documentaries that told of his rare disease and the consequent disability.


Giorgio Valente - PRODUCER 

A publicist journalist from 1984 to 2000, he collaborated with the newspaper "Il Popolo" and was director of the magazine "Dossier delle Autonomie". In 1979 he founded the association "CRS Il Labirinto" whose film space becomes one of the main hubs for Art Movies for many years. In 1992 he was among the founders of the Multiplex cinema "Greenwich" in Rome. He served on the Board of LUISS University in Rome, from 1987 to 1990. He was also the creator and director of the Educinema project, 2005-2016 and the "Cinema Migration" project from 2007 to 2013. He has produced three documentary films: Sei del Mondo (2007) - Fratelli d'Italia (2008), distribuited by Cinecittà/LUCE - Non morire fino a Primavera (2014).


Claudio Pantaleone - POST PRODUCTION

Born in 1965, after several experiences as a music consultant in the advertising and audiovisual sector, Pantaleone is now General Manager of Thalia Group, an Audio and Video Production and Post-production company. He's been working in the television communication sector for many years, taking care of all the managing aspects of the company. In 2012, along with the Telemaco company, he produced the documentary "The Summit", presented in the “Panorama” section at the 2012 Berlin Film Festival.



Alizé Ornella Van Reeth was born in Brussels, Belgium, and grew up between the United States, Italy, and Belgium. Her mother instils in her a passion for Art and at age sixteen she begins working in the poorer neighborhoods of Brussels as a culture officer. She attends the Institut des Arts de Diffusion. Her early works focus mainly on issues relating to integration, adolescence and traditional oral communication. In parallel to the training course, she collaborates on a film about a workshop for young people belonging to minorities, organized by the Brussels' Circus Academy, and to a documentary on homeless people in the city's subway. She moved to Rome to extend her artistic training and went on to attend evening classes at the ITS Rossellini.

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"Il Labirinto" is a “film culture” association operating since 1979 in promoting and programming quality cinema. The programming of high quality cinema was carried out in a theatre bearing the association's name, in the Prati district in Rome, from 1979 to December 2007. From 2003/2004, "Il Labirinto" activities branch out once again, pointing at educating young people, through a long-term project (EDUCINEMA). "Il Labirinto" has placed a particular focus on its audiovisual production activities since 2006/2007, with two documentaries being produced in 2007. Giorgio Valente is head of the Educinema Project and of audiovisual production, a founding member of "Il Labirinto" and current chairman of the association.

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