During the course of our production, we created an extensive network with many people who occupy themselves with rehabilitation work, with lesser abled people and charity work in general.

It's a vast world of hard work and feelings that allow us to cooperate, in a sector we know little about, such as the rehab programmes following a coma, or highly debilitating illnesses. Being able to work with real experiences and on so many different forms of collaboration, have allowed us to produce an instrument in which the cultural offer, in this case cinematographic, is at the service of the community by possessing an innovative key founded on first hand accounts and a network of sharing experiences. 





The CIP regulates and coordinates sports activities for the disabled, on the Italian territory. Its purpose is to guarantee the right of all to participate in sports in order to respect the principle of equal opportunities.

The CIP coordinates and promotes the Paralympic sports training different disciplines for national and international competitions and especially the Paralympics. The CIP values are the complete and necessary integration of disabled people into society through sport, a tool for mental well-being and physical.


The "Roberto Rossellini" State Institute for Cinema - better known as CINE TV - has been the single reference-point in Italy for technical training in the field of Film and Television, Photography and Graphic Design, for over 40 years. Founded in 1961 as the Professional Institute for Scientific and Educational Cinematography, the Institute has been recognized since 1969 as the State Institute for Cinema and Television and included in Project 92 by the Ministry of Education.





The Union of ARCI Film Clubs, is a national association aimed at the promotion of film culture, established since 1967, by some cinema groups already present within the Arci, which is by far the largest and most popular Italian cultural association, and who are responsible for an intense dissemination of film culture. It has been recognized by the Ministry of Fine Arts and Culture and the Ministry of Labour for its important social promotion. The UCCA network currently consists of 330 associations, present in all regions, with an important circuit of theatres and summer film arenas. The association's activity spans all aspects of the promotion of film culture. UCCA





The C.G.S. Association - Youth Socio-cultural Cinema Clubs, was formed in 1967 by CNOS and CIOFS (Salesian Priests and the Nuns of Maria Ausiliatrice). Recognized by the Interior Ministry and the Ministry for Tourism and Performing Arts, the C.G.S. is one of the nine National Film Culture associations currently recognized and financed by the Department of Performing Arts at the Ministry of Heritage and Culture. Founded with the aim of promoting and encouraging quality cinema, finalizing a continuous work of educational training through the means of social communication, the C.G.S. association deals since its foundation and through the initiatives of about 120 adhering cinema clubs, with: screenings, film forums, thematic events, retrospectives, book presentations, conferences and seminars, plays, musical and multimedia events.


Since its establishment in December 2010, the SAFADO cultural association got moving immediately in audiovisual production with specific attention to youth-related problems. In early 2011, they formed a collaboration with one of the most prestigious national institutions in the field of professional youth training: the Ciofs/FP - (Italian Salesian Centre for work centred on women). Within the 2010/11 training year, some of the trainers also took part in the NUVOLE project, (New Value and Opportunity for Expressive Languages (A project of the European Social Fund, Ministry of Labour, and the Lazio Region and Province of Rome Bureaus). On March 5, 2011, Pier Paolo Pasolini's date of birth, the SAFADO cultural association organized the first edition of the Monteverde Pasolini prize at the Teatro Vascello in Rome, an event that now takes place each year. The association has also produced, "Mayor Petroselli", "Glorioso", "Perché il baseball", "CUT" and is the organizer of the Francigena Film Fest held in Formello.





Consequenze is mainly an incentive for a cultural model which has at the center of its activity, the recovery of a healthy relationship between institutions, the public and the arts world and particularly between citizens and society's cultural offer. For 10 years now, it actively promotes innovative cultural solutions based on transparency and social responsibility, And in its proposals, includes tools which ensure leadership and participation for the public.






A.R.Co. 92- (Association for the rehabilitation of post-comatose people), was born in Rome in 1992 at the initiative of relatives of persons fallen into a coma after a serious head injury. The Association is headed by Maria Elena Villa and aims to fill - at least partially - the flaws of the National Health Service in the field of care for post-comatose people. In December 1999, A.R.Co. 92, with the Fondazione Santa Lucia and the Institute of San Michele, and the contribution of the Lazio Region, inaugurated Casa Dago: a structure consisting of 8 mini-apartments and spaces for Home for the post-comatose patients and their families.

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