We're still young, we're boys.

We fell, we were in a coma,

we risked losing our lives, and now,

we've got an incredible desire to hold on to it,

We want to go out, meet new people,

have a girlfriend, have a family.

We want to drive a car, travel, get a job.

We want to be protagonists of our own lives once again.


Gabriele e Philip






a film by


Andrea Rusich



Lea Film




“Blue Lips” isn't just a film. It's a cinematographic, cultural and social project, based on the true story of the difficult recovery of two comatose boys a and moves through the world of metropolitan suburbia. 


Contradictions, rebelliousness, hope and difficulty in integrating all intertwine in a suprising and poetic narration.

The recurring theme of the film is the voyage,  symbolizing and expressing all the stages of rehab's complex experience, either after a coma or a serious illness.


What are the thoughts and feelings going through these boys' minds? How do they see their future? And what about their relationships and sentimental life? In what way does their disability influence their adult life, once they're led back into society?


The amazing challenge of creating another life for oneself can sometimes affect and touch us all, especially in these highly uncertain and unpredictable times.

It's a time that needs to find a common pace, a context of solidarity and collaboration, a space in which you can join forces and walk side by side, without leaving anyone behind.

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