As we gather our elements for all stages of the film, we involve institutions, associations, right down to single individuals to create together a great network of initiative around the movie.


The production of the film can already count on an economic base which covers 50% of the costs, but a great social and/or economical support might come from the network forming around this project.


We need the help of people who believe in this cinematographic and social project! T


Throughout the entire campaign, we'll make you participate in the various stages, with posts and news, including:

- Casting!

- The construction of the set on stage where we'll be building a whole apartment!

- Interviews with the actors and the crew on set.


There will also some special gifts: clothes, meetings... Taking part in a screening during the editing process?

Looks like it!

And many other great surprises!


We imagined to make a projection of the movie, with our team, accompanied by a process of interventions, and social promotion in your institutions (associations/organizations/etc.) with prior collaboration in the promotion and production of the film through crowdfunding.


We're hoping to make films with you and for you!


Spread the word, and thank you for your precious support!


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