Roberto Vallicelli

Roberto Vallicelli has been carrying out his full professional activity under the pseudonym "Ominostanco". His background in electronic music earned him some attention which led to a number of albums published by Virgin. He's been working in the Music Score field for over 10 years now.



I Poeti der Trullo

Founded in 2010, they're an ensemble of seven poets from the Roman suburbs. They write poems and stories, in Roman dialect and in Italian, and publish them on the web. They've embraced the Street Poetry philosophy: Free poetry offered to the city, written on crumbling walls and abandoned urban objects. They've given way to the Metroromanticismo movement, which led to the publication, in 2015, to their first book "Metroromantici". It's from this collection that we borrowed some poems and reflections which we then included in the “Blue Lips” script.


Daniele Tozzi

Daniele Tozzi was born in Rome in 1981. Since the second half of the 90's he comes in contact with the hiphop culture and becomes passionated of calligraphy. He ended his studies of graphic design at IED in Rome in 2003.

His passion for calligraphy and graphic design is transformed into paintings on canvas and panels, on which he uses quotes and song lyrics, turning them into complex calligrammes.

In a world increasingly digitalised, the return to manual writing is an opportunity to reflect on the time in our (frantic) society. "The future is the past ..."

Since 2010, he exhibits in galleries, exhibition spaces and festivals in Italy. Recently he began to paint on walls, fitting into the post-modern graffiti current.



Angelo Savarese

Writing and painting fuse together in the works of Angelo Savarese, author of inner experience tales and contemporary images. His artistic sensibility led him to create works full of emotions and sensations, coordinated and connected by the skilful use of colour. In his paintings, the world seems suspended, it is an experienced world but not fully owned, sought with passion. He is attentive to social problems and anything around him, Angelo is also the author of "photographic works" that lead to a reflection and an inner confrontation.


Marco Letizia

He was born in Rome in 1970 where he currently lives and works.

Avid reader of comics and illustrator, after a parenthesis in the computer field, he decided to change his life.

For several years he lived between Rome and Stockholm, where he completed his training in the storyboard and illustration field.

In Stockholm, he met a lot of directors, producers and creative directors with whom he collaborated for the creation of commercials for major international brands, as well as several shorts and films.

Subsequently, he returned permanently to Italy where he began collaborating with leading production houses and advertising agencies, keeping himself in contact with foreign productions and taking part in the creation of several commercials, TV series and films directed by Paolo Genovese, Sydney Sibilia, Luca Minieri, Sergio Rubini, James Campiotti, Stefano Sollima, Stefano Mordini, Matteo Pellegrini.

The famous brands he worked for are: Coca-Cola, DHL, Enel, Ferrero, Fiat, Ikea, Kraft, Lottomatica, McDonalds, Mercedes, Nintendo, Nokia, Peugeot, Saab, Skoda, Volvo, Wind, Reebok and many others. 

In 2012 he gave some lessons about the importance of the use of the storyboard in the development and promotion of an audiovisual project at the A.S.For.Cinema, Association for the Development and Training of Film Professionals (ANICA).

He collaborates with “Rivista del Cinematografo” (a cinema magazine), realizing film illustrations.


Giuseppe Riad

Degree in Stage Design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome

He is 360° immersed in the video post-production panorama as Graphic Designer, Editor and DVD / Bdr Author for broadcasters, film productions and Institutions.

He realized Documentaries about the Ancient Rome for the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome, in particular 3D virtual reconstructions, Compositing and Editing of:

"The Circus Maximus" played during its show, The White Night 2003 at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome and "I Giardini del principe” at Villa Doria Pamphjli played at the Lancisiana Academy for the Celebration of the VI Cultural Week.

As Compositing Artist, he created digital visual effects for the following films:

"The Second Wedding Night" by Pupi Avati in competition at the 64th Venice International Film Festival and the TV Commercial of "Karol: A Man Who Became Pope" for Universal Pictures.

He made several DVDs including "The Tiger and the Snow" by Roberto Benigni for Melampo Cinematografica and "Iguana Cafe" by Pino Daniele for Blue Drag.

He worked at Blu Ray Concept, Design, Technical Development and Graphics of ”Into the Wild", "Life Is a Wonderful Thing”.

He collaborated to the realization of the Docufilm artwork and Ident "Armando Picchi" – a Captain’s log - Award "Infront Sports Action" at the SPORT MOVIES & TV 2011 directed by Massimo Ferrari and "The Summit" directed by Franco Fracassi in competition at the 2012 Berlin Festival.

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